Can I get a refund?

Sorry, there are no refunds. The Across the Lake Swim Society ("ATLSS") is a non-profit Society that relies entirely on sponsorships and entry fees to pay the costs that need to be incurred in order to put on this event and fund our Okanagan Swims Progam which sends kids for free swim lessons. Our swim event (like many other events) has adopted a  No Refund Policy. The reason is if refunds were provided, there would not be sufficient funds with which to pay the bills which by event time, have already been incurred. While this is a loss to the participants, it is also a loss to the many people on the organizing committee who have worked for 12 months or more to put on this event. This policy is necessary in order that the swim can be continued in subsequent years.

For legal and liability reasons, swimmers cannot offer their unused entry to any other swimmer. Swimmers are not allowed to defer their unused entry to the following year.

For participants transferring their registration, we do not offer refunds, which includes the transfer of registration fees between participants. Any transfer of money (if any) between participants transferring registrations is done between themselves.

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